The answer can be found in a few excerpts, gleaned from their own publications! Let us keep in mind that whenever someone claims to be a prophet(ess) there is one way to tell if they are of Yahuah or Ba’al. Scriptures tells us the following:

Deut. 18:22, “When the prophet speaks in the Name of Yahuah and the word is not, or comes not, that is the word which Yahuah has not spoken. The Prophet has spoken it presumptuously. Do not be afraid of him.

“The Finished Mystery” published in 1917, as volume 7 of the Millennial Dawn series. Formerly taught the Messiah's 2nd Advent was in Oct. of 1874! This same publication taught that the "Saints" resurrected in 1878 .This was taught for over 50 yrs (pp 54,.60, 68, 71,167, 368, 377, 386 & 395); and then discarded!

“Paradise Lostpg 192, par. 30, shows that in 1917, the resurrection date of 1878 was changed to 1918!The Finished Mystery” said YaHUaH (Creator) would destroy all the churches and their members in 1918, in a fearful revolution. Then they changed to 1927, telling of setting up the kingdom of Palestine--­pg I28!! Look at pp.398, 402, 404, 405, 485, 513 & 515! It also says Eloah would destroy all the republics by a world-wide anarchy-pp I79, 2787 542!

In Millions Now Living! Will Never Die” Judge Rutherford, pp 88-90 & 97, said Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, --and the Prophets would return in 1975. Judge Rutherford built a large house in San Dlego~CA, to entertain and shelter them after their arrival!!




 The diagram on the right --> shows us how, “The Watchtower”, has been altering and changing dates, doctrines, and teachings for many years. The diagram taken from Wikipedia.






Marley Cole's book, Jehovah's Witnesses. the New World Society", says Charles T. Russell was, "This millennium's foremost prophet."




What we should find interesting about the Watchtower, is that they speak out about paganism, such as the cross, yet their founder,

Found on and in Masonic Temples

Charles T. Russell was a 33rd degree Mason. A known fact about him is that he was fascinated with the occult and the Pyramids. Right next to his grave, in North Hills Pittsburgh, is a small pyramid. The words, “WatchTower Bible and Tract Society” is carved on this pyramid along with a cross with a crown emblem. This same emblem can be found in Masonic Temples.

“The Finished Mystery“, pg 378, says Russell fulfilled Ezek. 2:5("a prophet among them").

This book, as a virtual commentary on the prophecies of Revelation and Ezekiel, is almost entirely discarded, today; and on pg 144, it declares, "The Watchtower and Tract Society is the greatest corporation in the world, because from the time of its organization, until now, the Lord has used it as His channel through which He makes known the "Glad Tidings" (truth?).

We should refute that claim! There is no possible way that the Watchtower can be Yahuah’s Channel of Truth,” the “way” of salvation, and that it teaches the Scriptural Truth.

We cannot reconcile the 1914 teaching, concerning the events of the 2nd Advent on these counts:

1.Rev.l:7= "Every eye shall see Him." Also see: Matt.24:30-New World Bible.
2. It will be both
visible and audible
. (l Thess 4: 15-17)
3. Wicked are
destroyed at 2nd Advent-(2 Thess .2:8).
4. It will be as it was when Lot left Sodom, and it was totally destroyed, except for him and his daughters. And, when Noah went into the ark; then the flood destroyed everyone and everything on the face of the earth, except for Noah and his family. These events were sudden and unexpected, only to the
wicked-Lk.17:26-30 & Matt.24:36-39! Yahuah (Creator) warned His people and they listened and obeyed His warnings!

Let's look at the, “ Memorial Communion Service“:

1 Cor. l1 :26 say us, "As often as ye eat this bread and drink this cup, ye do shew (proclaim) the Master’s death, till He comes."

Why keep holding a memorial service each and every year? It only needs to be done once, and for all! According to the Watchtower, the Messiah’s work as Mediator and High Priest was finished in 1914! That would mean, that no one past 1914 would be saved. Not only is this teaching dangerous but it is contrary to what the Scriptures says.

Heb. 7:25, "Wherefore He is able also to save them to the uttermost that come unto Eloah by Him, seeing He ever liveth (forever lives) to make intercession for them."

Setting dates for the 2nd Advent of the Messiah is not Scriptural; but, The Watchtower taught, from 1874 to the mid 1920's, that the Messiah came in 1874 - then changed it to 1914; and, that He was "invisibly present." But, if Yahuah was using The Watchtower as His "Channel of Truth," do you think He would allow it to go on teaching error for that long--almost 50 yrs? Scripture says, His coming is near, and the signs of His coming would indicate that! The GREEK word "parousia" means a visible (not 'invisible') presence. All of the signs come before the "parousia," and all of those living, will see and hear Him coming in the clouds; therefore, His second coming/advent could not have happened in 1870; or 1914, either!!!

Now, let's look at the LAW 

It is well understood that it's against the Law to worship false deities; to worship, or even bow down to graven images; to take His Name in vain (bringing his name nought); to dishonor our parents; to kill, or murder; to commit adultery, or fornication; to steal; to bear false witness against our neighbors; or to covet things of others. So, why is it that some folks want to do away with the whole Law, just because they cannot deal with the Sabbath of the 4th Commandment, which is at the center of the whole Law? Looking at the Watchtower book, Enemies,” pg 68; we see that they say; "Therefore God gave His Law, through Moses, to the Israelites, and which applies to all who want to do right; and the first in order and first in importance of His Commandments, or fundamental Law, is this; to wit.---Ex.20:1-6."

What about verses 7-11? YaHUaH's Law never changes, because He never changes (Mal. 3:6) His Law points out the way to everlasting life. No creature (created being) will ever be given everlasting life, who willfully; that is intentionally (knowingly), violates (YaHUaH)'s Law!

It is a very serious thing to knowingly break one of Yahuah's Commandments. If you break one, you’ve broken them all (Rom. 5:12-14; Ex. 16:4-28; Gen.26:5; Isa. 56:2, 6; Acts 17:2, 4; 18:4, 11; 16:12.) Greeks/Gentiles/non-Jews, all went to hear the Word of Yahuah taught, on the Sabbath! Note: these were all, non-Jews! Now, please read the entire 8th verse of 2 Ptr.3; and do not leave out, or change, the 'as'; since, Yahuah is not bound by time or space, like we are! Let us consider the follwing words of the Messiah, Yahushua regarding the Commandments, “…but whoever does and teaches them, he shall be called great in the reign of the heavens.” (Matthew 5:19)


Was Messiah created, first?
The answer to this question has to be, NO! He was absolutely not created! He is eternal, and was preeminent (first-born) in the sense that Ephraim is called "firstborn," in Jer.31 :9; but, Reuben was actually Jacob's first-born son! Even Israel is called "My firstborn son," by Yahuah, in Ex. 4:22. These, all, had preeminence over the others! Jn. l :3, 14 & CoL. I: 16, 17 say everything was created by Him; eliminating Him as being created, since no created being can create anything! Col. l:15 & Ps. 89:27= the One who is preeminent. Also, Yahuah made David a "first-born", higher than the kings of the earth. David was not the eldest son. Actually, he was the youngest of many sons. Here, 'first-born' means he would have preeminence over all the other kings!


Did you know many illustrations within the Watchtower Publications have Subliminal Images? We can only show a few of them here. The following pictures were taken from “Revelation It’s Grand Climax at Hand” (1988 Pub. Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of N.Y., Inc.) pg. 159.





See the profile of a witches head?






Please notice the face inside the hand next to the thumb, and the pagan halo aove the man's head? Let us ponder on why do they continue to hide Subliminal Images within their illustrations?

We have only shown a few. There are many more. Some are very evil. When I first came across this, I showed some Jehovah Witnesses many more images that I found. The  Awake and Watchtower publications are filled with these subliminal Images. Sadly, most of the Jehovah Witnesses denied seeing any of these images! I was mocked and made fun of.  

Since names are`important and have great meaning let us look at the meaning of the name of Jehovah.Strong's #1943 tells us that hovah means: ruin, mischief. This name could not be the Creator's Name because we know His name means, to exist. (Exodus 3:14).

Today, when most people see the letter 'v' , they pronounce it as in the word violin but this is not the proper pronounciation. The letter 'v' is not very old. In Hebrew the letter 'v' makes the 'u' sound as in 'oo'. This is where we get the letter 'w' it is a double 'u'.

That is why we say the Creator's name as Yah-oo-ah and spell His name as Yahuah. We do not use the form Yahvah or even Yahweh (way). Please see Ha'Shem (The Name).

The Watchtower has proven to be a modern day false prophet! It is clear from the evidence above that the Watchtower is the present day false prophet and can't be Yahuah’s Channel of truth!


Written By
George Thore, SR.and L. McGuire
Edited By
L. McGuire

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